Tab Sweep 13

In which I post, with little or no comment, a variety of unrelated things that are cluttering up my browser and/or newsreader…

Rebel Attack! The ultimate Star Wars LEGO diorama on flickr. (via Boing Boing Gadgets.)

A while ago, I linked to an article about the amazing f/0.7 lens Stanley Kubrik used on Barry Lyndon. Now Leica has a production lens that breaks the f/1.0 barrier. The Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 is priced at £6290 (that’s about $12,000).

While we’re on the topic of photography, Jeffrey Friedl has a very cool super-slow-motion movie of a Nikon D3 Shutter Release. The images were originally created by Marianne Oelund using a surprisingly low-tech technique. I should mention that Jeffrey is the author of the “Export to Flickr” plugin for Lightroom that I’ve found indispensable.

Yum. Cardamom Coffee Zucchini Bread! (via Steamy Kitchen.)

Ice cream is an igneous rock. Don’t believe me? The Igneous Petrology of Ice Cream. Or perhaps not… The Metamorphic Petrology of Ice Cream and The Sedimentary Geology of Ice Cream have differing perspectives.

When did salt and pepper become a pair? Slashfood has the answer.

I blogged about the demise of the original Espresso Vivace a couple months ago. The new Vivace is finally opening this week. (via Seattle Metblogs.)