Welcome to Seattle

Hmm. Tully’s has sold their wholesale coffee business (and their name) to Vermont’s Green Mountain Coffee. When we lived in Maine, Green Mountain was everywhere. Neither of us drank coffee then and I suspect Green Mountain was one of the reasons: the disgusting smell of their flavored coffees permeated many a Portland restaurant. I’m not sure why, but flavored coffees are (were?) big in Maine. Many restaurants had three coffee choices: regular, decaf, and flavored. Blech. Looking at Green Mountain’s web site today, it seems the flavored coffees are still big business. On the other hand, I’ve seen a few of their single-origin coffees show up very highly rated on Coffee Review, so it’s not all bad. Then again, I’ve never been much of a fan of Tully’s, either (though they do have very tasty coffee ice cream). So welcome to Seattle, Green Mountain!

Update: I didn’t realize that Green Mountain bought Keurig a couple years ago. I’ve heard some good things about Keurig’s single-cup brewers. I seem to recall giving a Keurig machine as a gift…

(via Seattlest.)