A Secret and Nefarious Plan?

Sound Transit, the agency that’s building Seattle’s new Link Light Rail system, offers occasional tours of the construction progress. These ”Lunch Bus” tours start with a bus ride along the light rail route (with running commentary) and end with a stop at a local eatery for lunch. Back in September, I took the tour and was pretty disappointed. For someone reasonably well informed about the light rail system, it offered very little you couldn’t get from a short in the car.

The lunch was pretty good, though. We ate at a place called the Rainier Restaurant down on MLK Way. They weren’t exactly ready for a busload of people, but the food was delicious. Well, today I heard that Public Health shut ‘em down last week:

Nice. As Kathy put it, “Yikes! Was the tour secretly being run by Tim Eyman?” I wonder. Maybe Kemper Freeman was involved.