Hawaii Again? And a Farewell

Those of you who are particularly observant may have noticed a bunch of Hawaii pictures in our flickr photostream (or maybe over there in the sidebar). No, we didn’t go to Hawaii again. The pictures are from our trip back in January 2005. The other day, I realized that when I transferred all our older pictures from the gallery here on to flickr, I somehow overlooked that batch.

So the pictures are now on flickr. With that, I plan to take down the old gallery in the near future. It served me well, but its time is up. I’m not sure I ever wrote about how the old gallery was made, or why. Back in 1998 or so, I wanted to put up a gallery of pictures I’d taken with my nifty new Kodak DC210 digital camera (“A million pixels plus superb color.” Woo-hoo!). There weren’t too many applications that could help with such a project, and the few there were produced mostly hideous results. I came across an early version of iView that got me most of the way there, but the pages it produced still weren’t quite what I wanted (and there was very little customizability).

I eventually wrote a little perl script that took a text file listing filenames, dates, and captions and spit out the html for a gallery. I still generated the scaled-down images and thumbnails using iView, but everything else was done by my script. By the time I switched to flickr in 2005, my perl script had grown its own template system, support for adding to an existing gallery, and image-resizing support. I revamped the template somewhere in there, too, so that my pages used style sheets instead of tables for layout. The result was a set of very compact, fast-loading pages.

"New Gallery"

I still like the look of the gallery pages. But flickr does most the work for me, and does so much more, too. Comments, sets, annotations, searching… there’s no way my gallery could ever support all that stuff without a lot of work on my part. These days, uploading to flickr is little more than a click away, thanks to Jeffrey Friedl’s “Export to Flickr” plug-in for Lightroom. Ah, progress.

Goodbye gallery. It’s been fun.