Stub-o-rama: Camper Van Beethoven

A couple months ago, it was briefly all the rage on Facebook to make a list of all the bands you’ve seen in concert. By the time I got around to making a list, the moment had passed, so I never posted it. It got me thinking, though, about the pile of old ticket stubs I have tucked away somewhere.

I managed to find that envelope full of stubs and took a couple hours to scan them all. Starting today and continuing until I run out of stubs, interest, or motivation (whichever comes first), I’ll post one ticket stub every day and try my best to remember the corresponding event. The stubs are in no particular order and absolutely none will be omitted for reasons of propriety or changing muscial taste.

First up is a ticket from a Camper Van Beethoven concert circa 1990. I was living in Portland, Maine at the time and Kathy was in grad school at U Mass Amherst. I seem to remember driving down to Portsmouth to pick up a friend, then picking Kathy up in Amherst before continuing on to Troy for the concert. Kathy remembers completely stressing out driving us all (in my car) from Amherst to Troy in the snow. Ah, yes, the snow. I seem to recall that weekend involved even more driving than just Portland to Troy and back, but can’t remember the details.

Thanks to the snow, we got to the concert late. I think the opening band had already played, but CvB was just going on as we arrived. As for the concert itself, I don’t remember much. Camper Van Beethoven was on what would be their last tour before breaking up just a couple months later. Key Lime Pie had come out the year before and I remember fearing they wouldn’t play enough of their older stuff (but they did–including Take the Skinheads Bowling!). I have absolutely no idea where we stayed that night. Maybe at Pete H’s place down on Lark Street in Albany? Good times…