Tab Sweep 21: The “Long Overdue” Edition

In which I post, with little or no comment, a variety of unrelated things that are cluttering up my browser and/or newsreader…

So it’s been seven months since I’ve swept out my open tabs here on the ol’ blog. Many a tab has gotten old and moldy since my last tab sweep. Those 4th of July tabs just don’t seem too relevant anymore. Nor do the back-to-school ones or the Halloween ones. A few of these are starting to grow a little fuzz around the edges, but I’m posting them anyway. Just cut off the moldy bits; I’m sure they’ll be fine…


Hobbit 419 : Were dwarves the Nigerian spammers of Middle Earth?

Have you ever thought it would be cool to be able to swim with jellyfish, if only they didn’t have that horrifying, potentially-deadly sting? There’s apparently a place in Palau–appropriately named Jellyfish Lake–where the jellyfish have lost their sting. (via mental_floss)

Way back in August, GenealogyBlog pointed out a great tool on that lets you see the geographical distribution of a surname. There are versions for eleven countries including the US, Poland, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Where was that movie filmed? has the answer. (via Lifehacker)

Speaking of maps and locations, 2719 Hyperion has a tour of Walt Disney’s life in Kansas City.

I’m sure Kathy will be happy to hear that her favorite oatmeal won the Golden Spurtle.

Now here’s a particularly moldy link (just file it away for next year): How to Make Candy Corn at Home.

It just wouldn’t be a tab sweep without some Lego links. Amiright? How about this incredible pop-up temple. (via Giz) Or how about the original design patent for the Lego Minifig? Or a cool Lego/papercraft combo from Muji (Japan only, alas).

Looking for a really cheap iPhone? has got you covered.

It’s been a while since the last one, but British Columbia is now up to seven Mysterious Severed Feet. One more to complete the set.

Back in October, Gizmodo had a great summary of the confusing state of power plugs around the world. The article arrived too late to help Kathy for her trip to Germany, but she had the right adapter anyway.

Earlier in the month, The Auteurs Daily had a round-up of links about one of my favorite movies of all time: Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin). There’s so much I could write about this movie; I may have to spin it out into a separate post. If you’ve never seen it, what are you waiting for?

Drawn! points out that there’s now a less expensive edition of Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life. I saw it in the bookstore the other day and it looks just as gorgeous to me as the original $200 edition.

Mmmm… waffle iron cookies.

On the one hand, Canadians are crazy. On the other hand, this would make an awesome addition to the Winter Olympics.

And finally… our long national nightmare is over: there’s now a twitter client for Mac OS Classic. Grackle68k works on System 6 through Mac OS 9. (via Gizmodo)