Stub-o-rama: Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield? Really? How did he fit into my new alternative WHFS musical world? Well, he didn’t. The summer after high school graduation, my sister found out about this special concert sponsored by Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) and a local radio station. It was super-cheap ($5) and was meant to celebrate the year’s graduates, or something of the sort. The headliner was Rick Springfield. Even $5 was too much to pay to see him, as far as I was concerned. But we heard the opening band was supposed to be ‘Til Tuesday. Five bucks for Aimee Mann and “Voices Carry” sounded great.

We headed down to DAR Constitution Hall–the same place my high school graduation had been a month earlier–got in our seats, and waited. Right on time, the lights dimmed and out out came… Rick Springfield. Wha? Where was Aimee? We didn’t made it through more than a song or two before we headed home. I don’t think we ever figured out whether ‘Til Tuesday were ever really on the bill. Ah, youth.