Tab Sweep 22: Special “Where the Heck Has He Been?” Edition

In which I post, with little or no comment, a variety of unrelated things that are cluttering up my browser and/or newsreader…

Glaciers! Deltas! Dunes! It’s Pathological Geomorphology! (via MeFi).

Mmmm… electrons. Tasty, tasty electrons. Hydrogen Wave Function Cookies combine science and food. Yum.

Speaking of food, Cooking Issues–one of my favorite geeky cooking blogs–has done a great two-part primer on Sous-Vide cooking (Part 1, Part 2) with more yet to come. When the Sous Vide Supreme comes down to about half its current price, I’ll jump.

My DC-area readers probably already saw this, but the Washington Post Magazine did a big feature on the 9:30 Club recently. Ah, memories… (via MeFi)

Hey Paul, Hey Paul, Hey Paul, Let’s Have A Ball. Merlin Mann posted a great video the other day of Pixies playing “Gigantic” live. I miss the old Pixies (as opposed to, you know, the old Pixies). Come to think of it, though, one thing I always loved about them was that they looked like me and people I knew. They weren’t hipsters or Huge Rock Stars, just regular people.

I vaguely remember posting this once before, but I can’t find it at the moment… It’s worth another link, anyway: In the Event That You Have Accidentally Swallowed the Higgs Boson. “Just choose from the array of probable outcomes that will manifest themselves upon your decision to perform surgery, and make the one most favourable to yourself into reality.”

Wondering how best to brew your next cup of coffee? Brew Methods has you covered (via cleanhotdry).

A couple recent searches for old maps have led me to the David Rumsey Map Collection. The collection “has over 22,000 maps and images online.” All high-res and free.

How big (and empty) is our solar system? A little perspective always helps. Or perhaps you’d prefer The Known Universe. It’s like an astronomically accurate Powers of Ten (via Kottke).

Who wouldn’t want a 7.5 hour HD video of a train ride through Norway? Get your copy here. It’s only 22 GB. Or you could go for the original HD file, which weighs in at 246 GB. (via Boing Boing)

The campaign against The Elements of Style has begun! None too soon.

This is not a spiral.