Big Trip 2011 - Day 12: Across (a Bit of) Canada

Back on the road today, but just for a short day of driving this time. We drove up through Detroit to Port Huron, where we crossed the St. Clair River into Canada. As I got to thinking, I realized I’d never seen Lake Huron before today. Cool. Our drive through Ontario was blissfully uneventful. We stopped in London for lunch at a place called Archie’s. The sign said it was a seafood place, which it was, but they also serve breakfast all day, so we all had our second breakfast of the day. Delicious.

We drove on to Niagara Falls and got to our hotel mid-afternoon. The walk down to the falls took us through the supremely tacky Clifton Hill area, which put us all in a bad mood. It didn’t help that rudeness is rampant among Niagara Falls visitors. We made it down to the falls, oooh and aaahed a bit, and headed back up the hill to look for some dinner. We managed to find a pretty good wood-fired pizza place (Antica Pizza) somewhat removed from the craziness up on Victoria Ave. It was crowded and loud, but the pizza was excellent.

After dinner, the boys got in some swimming before settling in to watch some videos on the iPad. Our room doesn’t have a view of the falls and the fireworks, but we managed to see a bit of the fireworks from the window at the end of the hall.