Big Trip 2011 - Day 13: The Back Side of Water

We decided that before we left Niagara Falls, we really had to spend a bit more time viewing the falls. So, we opted to go on the “Journey Behind the Falls,” a self-guided tour through some of the tunnels that were built behind the Canadian falls. After a short wait, obligatory tourist photo with cheesy background inserted, and the acquisition of a very thin plastic rain poncho (think Saran Wrap), we descended 144 feet in an elevator to the tunnels and were left to our own devices. We saw the falls from behind in a couple of places, got sprayed, and read some signs about the erosion of the falls, the power generated by them, the people that have gone over them, etc. It was good touristy fun.

Then it was off to Rochester, New York via the Rainbow Bridge. Actually, first up was a drive by the Goodyear factory where Brad worked way back when and his old apartment in North Tonawanda. The part of the factory where he worked is completely gone now, but the apartment building is still there! After our little walk down memory lane, we had lunch at Ted’s Hot Dogs, where they grill your red hot (or sausage) right in front of you to your liking, followed by frozen custard (no, we will never tire of it’s delicious creaminess!) at Anderson’s to fortify us for the long journey all the way to Rochester!