Big Trip 2011 - Day 6: The Trudge

This day was a driving day. We drove. And drove some more. It was that day of the trip, when the traffic gets worse and there’s a downpour and miles of road construction and you start to wonder what the heck you were thinking when you decided to pack everyone up in your now really small-seeming Jetta TDI Sportwagen (who wanted to sell that mini-van, now?) and drive 6,000 plus miles.

There were high points, though, starting with the really amazing coffee from Coffea in Sioux Falls. It was like a little touch of Seattle. And Culver’s again, because this kind of day calls for frozen custard. We crossed the Mississippi River, which is psychologically significant; no longer the west. Seeing the crazy water slides and roller coasters of the Wisconsin Dells, which seems like some crazy midwestern family version of Las Vegas. And of course the biggest high point of all: we arrived in Chicago, where we’ll be staying (in one place) for four blissful nights. The valet has taken our car off to who-knows-where and we won’t see it at all tomorrow. Ahh.

Oh, and there was one more high point: rolling into Chicago, the Jetta was reporting 42.2 mpg for the day. Not bad at all.

(no pictures today)