Big Trip 2011 - Day 14: Rochester

Busy day. We completely caved to Charlie’s wishes and played mini-golf at Adventure Landing at 10am. Afterwards, we split up. Kathy, Henry, and Charlie met the boys’ cousins, Tyler, and Peighton (and Peighton’s mom Kris) at the Strong Museum of Play, which is, hands down, the best children’s museum we have ever visited. Creative exhibits, kept in working order, and room after giant room of them. The kids had a blast, as did Kathy. Hard to pull out highlights, since they loved all of it, but the weird slanted house, the Wegmans, the old fashioned house, and the slinkies were great! Oh, and of course the room full of cool old video games. PacMan Battle Royale!

While they were all having fun at the Museum of Play, Brad went over to the George Eastman House. There are two parts to the place: the house itself, where George lived from 1905 until his death in 1932, and the museum, the world’s oldest museum dedicated to photography. It was wonderful (and probably a wise decision not to bring the boys). At the moment, the largest exhibit is Norman Rockwell: Behind The Camera. Rockwell frequently used photographs of his friends and neighbors (posed with appropriate props) to help compose his paintings. It was fascinating. There was also a small exhibit on changing technology in photography. Good stuff.

After we met back up at The Strong, we headed back to the hotel for a little afternoon swimming, relaxation, and laundry before meeting up with all our Rochester family at DiBella’s. Though brief, it was really wonderful to see everyone again. (As for DiBella’s: yum!).