I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve rewritten my Soundex converter, YASC, in JavaScript so that it runs right in the web browser. I thought I’d do a little stress testing to see just what it can handle. Back in the early days of YASC, I had planned to add a feature that would let the user see other names with the same code. To develop a database of names, I logged every surname that was submitted. After a while, I realized that more comprehensive surname lists are readily available, so I turned off logging (and took a little load off my server at the same time). But I kept the old surname lists I’d generated.

Today, I picked one of those log files at random and copy-and-pasted the entire list into YASC. The new version managed to convert all 26,205 names in less than a second (the old version took about 4 seconds). Pretty speedy! So I upped the ante and tried the biggest of the logs. YASC managed to chew through 166,677 surnames in about three seconds. The old version? It just choked, returning a “Request Entity Too Large” error.