The Quasi-Annual Photo Post

Well, not blogging for two and a half years means I haven’t taken a look at my photography habit lately. Back in 2005, 2008, and 2010, I summarized my photography in the previous year(s). Well, let’s do it again:

Wow. I guess 2010 was a big photography year for me. The Daily Shoot was still going strong for the first half of the year or so, then we spent two weeks in Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden (which trip accounts for almost 4,700 photos). I’m surprised 2011 is so low, though. We took our big cross-country road trip in August of that year, but I guess I didn’t do much photography the rest of the year. Huh.

As for the big picture, Lightroom tells me that my catalog contains 84,790 items, but some of those are virtual copies, montages, or merged panoramas. The total number of original images is just a smidgen under 84,000. That’s a lot of photographs. There might even be one or two good ones.