While You Were Out

As I was moving this site over from Movable Type to Octopress, I decided I ought to start posting again, too. So I’ve written a few things here on the new version of the site that never showed up on the old one. If you’d like to catch up, you can just scroll down the page or check the archives. To make things a little easier, I’ve listed everything new here:

I also came across two “lost” posts that somehow never made it out of “draft” status: one from 2008 on going paperless with the help of a nifty Fujitsu scanner (still going strong in 2013, by the way) and another from 2011 about my newly rekindled love of electronics. Take a look:

Finally, I moved incorporated all of the posts that were formerly on the separate Big Trip 2011 site. These document the first half (or so) of our cross-country trip in August 2011: