Icon Filer Release Notes

1.0b14 - 6-June-95

  • Updated to CodeWarrior 6, Universal Headers 2.0.1f, and MoreFiles 1.3.
  • Updated contact information in about box and documentation.
  • Improved the appearance of the “splash” window a bit.
  • Began adding support for an additional preference for reverse filing that will control whether all icons are consolidated, or just custom icons. Also, began to implement a more friendly way to set preferences.
  • Cleaned up the reverse-filing code and in the process fixed several minor bugs.

1.0b13 - 30-October-94

  • Added support for selecting folders from the file menu. Using a modified version of the sample code on developer’s CD.
  • Fixed a bug in reverse filing that would keep all processed files open when done with them (oops!). This was really dumb–I just plain forgot to close the files.

1.0b12 - ??-September-94

  • Added support for reverse filing (changing a folder full of custom icons into a single resource file. This is now the default behavior for folders. StandardGetFile hasn’t been modified to select folders, yet, so the only way to do this is by drag-and-drop.
  • Cleaned up a lot of messy code and consolidated some often-repeated stuff into their own routines.
  • Fixed yet another memory leak associated with cicn handling (minor).

1.0b11 - 21-September-94

  • Converted from Drop•Shell 1.0c to Drop*Shell 2.0. In the future, this will allow for some neat new features, like processing whole folders.

1.0b10 - 13-September-94

  • Fixed a problem with the file filter function that would cause a freeze when trying to open a file in the System Folder. Now, I check for whether a file is open before opening it to check for icons. Any file with its resource fork already open is excluded from the file list.

1.0b9 - 12-September-94

  • Finished implementing tag text preference. This will be rolled into a comprehensive preferences dialog in a future version.

1.0b8 - 06-September-94

  • Added support for pasting on folders instead of files.
  • Finally fixed the really nasty memory leak in the ‘cicn’ routines.
  • Support for changing tag text begun (not fully implemented).

1.0b7 - 14-August-94

  • Added a filter function to the StandardGetFile call to filter out any files that don’t contain at least one ‘ICN#’ or ‘cicn’

1.0b6 - 06-August-94

  • Fixed a problem with the about box appearing unselected. This problem was somehow caused by editing the ALRT/DITL resources with Resorcerer. Creating them with ResEdit or Rez works fine. If the resource is then edited with Resorcerer, it’s screwed again.
  • Forced as-yet-unused prefs menu items to stay dimmed all the time.

1.0b5 - 01-July-94

  • Added more support for cicns, including a menu option that allows cicn handling to be disabled. Layed the groundwork for more preferences by using a preferences file in the system folder to store such info.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the cicn-handling code. Memory for the offscreen bitmaps was never freed. As a result, the program couldn’t handle more than about 15 cicns per launch. Nasty. There’s another leak I can’t find, but it’s not as bad.

1.0b4 - 24-April-94

  • Fixed problem with opening Icon*Filer using itself. The document processing routine closed the file when done. When the file is the application itself, this is a Bad Thing.
  • Added support for ‘cicn’s. Note that this doesn’t work right all the time. For example, ‘cicn’s that don’t meet certain “icl8-like” requirements (32x32, etc.) will not be filed, but an empty file will be created for them. Future version are unlikely to support these “strange” cicns, but shouldn’t create the empty files.

1.0b3 - 20-March-94 (first widely released version)

  • Fixed a problem with icons that have the resProtected bit set. The resource copying routine was trying to copy the icon’s resource attributes, too, which caused the subsequent call to ChangedResource to fail if the resProtected bit was set. The Finder doesn’t set any resource attribute bits when you paste an icon onto a file, so now I clear all attributes before writing.
  • I have a brand new Power Macintosh 7100/66, so the PPC code has been tested! Other than the need for a little larger partition, everything works okay. (well, everything works the same…).
  • Added an option of cancelling one or all files (or continuing) when command-period is pressed.
  • Oops! the elapsed time thing (between WaitNextEvent calls) didn’t really work right in 1.0b2. Now it should.
  • Fixed a problem with the About box. I forgot to bracket the call to Alert with UseResFile calls. If the About box was opened while processing an application with a DITL=128, I’d get the apps dialog list, not mine.

1.0b2 - 6-March-94

  • Changed to allow Icon*Filer to be switched into the background as it is processing files. Also, handles most relevent events while processing
  • Added code to stop processing on command-period. Note that at this point this only works for genuine command-‘.’, and doesn’t handle the equivalent in other (international) systems.
  • Added code to check for elapsed time before calling WaitNextEvent when compiled for the PowerPC (this is suggested in the preliminary “Inside Macintosh: PowerPC System Software” as a way to avoid unnecessary mode switches when running native).
  • Fixed a nasty bug that crashed the program if the Splash screen needed to be updated while in the background.

1.0b1 - 2-March-94 (first released version)

  • Added code to handle duplicate folder names. This still needs some work, but at least it gets by.
  • Fixed problem caused by ICN# resources with names containing colons. Let’s just say the file manager doesn’t like filenames with colons in them ;-)
  • Added progress information to splash screen.
  • Added cicn resources for alerts.
  • Added “beachball” cursor.
  • Added error handling for locked disk. Still doesn’t handle duplicate folder name (doesn’t bomb, just doesn’t do anything).
  • Added additional error alerts (e.g.: for duplicate folder name).
  • Fixed problem with error alerts (second time an alert was displayed, the alert window appeared off in nowhere land).