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1  Knuth, Harold John Sr. (I566)
2 Nauta, Klaas Piers (I1448)
3 Hilverda, Trijntje Jacobs (I1451)
4 Wouters, Cornelis (I1477)
5 Jans, Antje (I1478)
6 Visser, Tietie (I1486)
7 Attema, Siek Symens (I1487)
8 Joostes ?, Wouter (I1489)
9 Harings, Jancke (I1490)
10 Wiegers, Jan (I1504)
11 Johannes, Wijbe (I1519)
12 Family F1056
13 “8 spaces left of Lona” Schoelzel, Phyllis Diane (I185)
14 “and Concord” Weber, Dickinson Andrew (I14641)
15 “At a local hospital” Williams, Charles (I14580)
16 “At her home on Lawrence and Wolf Roads” Franzen, Matilda (I1081)
17 “At her son’s home” Weber, Marjorie Florence (I14626)
18 “Child of unnamed unnamed father and mother.” Roelofs, Antje (I2311)
19 “conscription call for Howerd, 1812; substitute for Jan Arjens Noordenbos (born 1792)
in Holwerd; 27.4.1813 fusilier 124th Infantry Regiment, No. 5066 5th Battalion, 2nd Battalion 1st Company; in 1813, deserted” (from Tresoar Napoleon Soldier Registry). 
Bangma, Jan Oedses (I2859)
20 “De ekonomiska förhållandena i gården måste ha varit ytterst svaga när Pehr dog 1839. Dottern Brita giftes 15-årig bort med Hans Pehrsson, vilken skötte gården tills Mårten tog över den 1853. Bröderna Mårten, Malde och Petter ackorderades 1846 ut i trakten till olika bönder, möjligen med auktionsförfarande, kallades myndlingar i kyrkboken.” Mårtensson, Pehr (I2016)
21 “Designed the visitor’s center at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle and headed the remodeling of the president’s house at the University of Chicago. He also designed the Junior Museum in the Art Institute.” Myhrum, Arthur Roger M. (I5081)
22 “Graduated from Brown University, where he held every sprint and hurdle record and won multiple championships.

Later, while running for the New York Athletic Club, he was a two-time member of the national championship 400-meter relay team and tied the world record in the 40-yard dash.

He served in the Navy from 1941 to 1945 as a lieutenant commander in the Atlantic and Pacific fleets.

After the war, he was an announcer at the Yankee Network in Boston. He worked in advertising for 25 years and had clients including the Ritz-Carlton and Plaza hotel.” 
Clapp, Kenneth D. (I3146)
23 “He took the Feldkamp name at the time of his first marriage (to Gerdt Henrich Feldkamp’s widow)” Köbbemann, Johann Hermann (I10501)
24 “In a local hospital” Frandsen, Adolph Julius (I509)
25 “in a local nursing home” Scharringhausen, Beatrice L. (I7295)
26 “Killed by an indian.” Kimball, Thomas (I9227)
27 “Probably the grandson of Gerd Swarte who was Bürgermeister in Lingen in 1601” Swarte, Johannes (I10406)
28 “probably” Klinge, Conrad (I2719)
29 “probably” Saatkamp, Gertrud (I2748)
30 “Sister of Mary Brinker, Julia Mraz, Sophia Zvolsky, and the late Louis Narowetz.” Narowetz, Hedvika E. (I3277)
31 04:00 Visser, Cornelis Jans (I1481)
32 1 Ives Street Healy, Maria Agnes (I63)
33 1 Ives Street Campbell, William Francis Henry (I62)
34 1 Lake Way McGrath, Eileen Veronica Teresa (I53)
35 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. O'Malley, M.E. (I73)
36 1 Lake Way O'Malley, John Thomas (I54)
37 1:40 am Franzen, Fenne Adelheit (I101)
38 1:43 am Mohr, Karen Lynne (I24)
39 10 Agawam Street Healy, Patrick Christopher (I3288)
40 10 Agawam Street _____, Bridget F. (I4738)
41 10 Agawam Street Healy, Patrick Christopher (I3288)
42 10 Agawam Street _____, Bridget F. (I4738)
43 10 children. Family F606
44 10 children. Family F609
45 10 Fair Oak Avenue Ferguson, John H. (I8635)
46 10 Fair Oak Avenue Ferguson, Ida R. (I8637)
47 10 Fair Oak Avenue Ferguson, Mary B. (I8638)
48 10 Fair Oak Avenue Ferguson, Arthur Pinder (I8639)
49 10 Fair Oak Avenue Ferguson, George Logan (I3230)
50 10 Fair Oak Avenue Rathell, Mary I. (I8636)

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