Brad & Kathy’s Genealogy

Rev. Gustav and Emma Koch

Welcome to Brad & Kathy’s genealogy page. This site contains information about our ancestors and other distant relatives.

Our families come from across Northern Europe:

We have documented information going back as many as ten generations and unverified information going back sixteen generations. The earliest direct ancestor in the database was born in the 1320s. There are currently 18,309 individuals in the database, each in some way connected to Brad or Kathy.

The database includes living individuals, but to protect their privacy all personal information (including first name) has been removed. If you find someone whose name or other information is shown but should not be let us know and I will promptly remove the information

In order to view the full information for living individuals (or to download data in GEDCOM format), you must have an account. You may request an account here. If we don’t know you personally, just let us know why you’re interested. If you’d just like to send us a message without requesting an account use this comment form.

The genealogy database section of this site was created using Darrin Lythgoe’s excellent TNG software.

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Yet Another Soundex Converter

In addition to viewing own genealogy information, you may also be interested in taking advantage of YASC. YASC converts surnames into Soundex codes. I wrote this little Soundex converter for myself, and decided to put it up on the web for all to use. I have also created an Overview of Soundex that should answer many of the questions I have received.